As you might have read previously, I have attempted to appeal to a local Tea Party to embrace more consistent and libertarian principles. When I was first introduced to the Tea Party during a tax day rally, I was left with more enthusiasm than I have now. Individuals were passing out literature asking, "Who is John Galt," as well as other free market materials. It seems that these individuals are just that: individuals attending a rally to spread ideas and not necessarily having any association with the Tea Party itself. Still, this organization likes to use terms such as free market, low taxes, low spending, and Constitution. Read more about Commentary for the Tea Party


The Death of America

I find it interesting how large the variety is of things people cite to be the "death of America." Some list the birth and death date as 1776-2008 in reference to the election of Barack Obama. Some say it was September 20, 2011 when the same person declared his right to assassinate anyone, including Americans, who he deemed to be a threat. Another suggestion is that it was in 2005 when the Supreme Court ruled that it was constitutional for the government to take property and give ownership to private interests. Is America sufficiently dead yet? Read more about The Death of America


Words from a Giant

Here is an interview with Egon von Greyerz, from King World News. Clearer and more direct words are hard to find. I'll let not take away from his message and let him paint the picture for you.


From KWN:


Before getting to the good stuff, let's just review some important posts regarding the gold and silver markets.

Here is Jim Sinclair on what to expect in 2012. Namely, the continuing of gold's bull market, stronger diveregence between spot (paper) price and physical price, and of course the continued devaluing of paper (debt). Read more about Jesus, as an Anarchist Sun God


Learning Economics


Similar to Classical Education, Classical Economics has also mostly disappeared. These two topics go hand in hand, for without the former you cannot understand the latter. Classical Education aims to train your mind to think logically and consistently, while Classical Economics aims to discover how human choices are affected by market intervention (less freedom). Without clear thinking, it is not possible to understand Economics, which might explain much of the confusion about the subject.


  Read more about Learning Economics


The commonly used political labels, Liberal and Conservative, are often described in a such a way as this: the Liberal favors civil liberties but not economic liberties, while the Conservative is vice versa. My purpose today is not to demonstrate how most people who would use these labels to describe ideologies are mostly deceiving themselves, but how both of these types of liberties cannot be fully enjoyed without the other. Read more about Civil Liberties vs. Economic Liberties


Unfortunately, I have not been keeping up with my writing. Other commitments have taken my time. I apologize for the lack of writing but without further commiseration, it is time now for some reflection.

Keep in mind some of the messages we've been presenting on this website such as self-education, wealth preservation, buy real assets/sell paper assets and reducing your support of crumbling illusions. Today, we will add a bit of perspective to bring all of these into one big picture, or bird's eye view.
  Read more about Reflections on a Classical Education


The Occupy Movement, if I may attempt to suggest a commonality between the individuals who make up these movements, is the instance of protestors gathering in various places (Wall Street or Oakland city hall) to express their discontent with the American economic system as it currently stands. It has been compared with the Tea Party movement, though it is generally seen as more of a "left" movement while the latter is "right" in political leanings (see my previous article for the fallacies in these labels). Read more about My Take On the Occupy Movement


"Be the change you want to see in the world."

- Gandhi Read more about Voting with Your Feet/Boat


There recently was an interesting post on LRC regarding some of the statistics and harsh realities facing college grads (or anyone holding student debt). It really is too bad that so very few people understand the economic effects that the U.S. government has on post-secondary education. A college degree has now become the new high school diploma, its real purpose for most students being viewed a stepping stone to a better career than they would otherwise have (though that assumption for many is increasingly revealing itself as false). Read more about The Higher Education Bubble



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