I'm sure you've heard that Ron Paul was reported to have placed second in the Iowa Straw Poll this month to Michelle Bachmann. And I'm sure you've also noticed the how the media ignores this:



I found this video on Robert Murphy's blog, which I'd recommend for its chroncling of the unfair treatment towards Ron Paul as well as its other content. Read more about The Mainstream Media Bias Against Ron Paul


Every time I read my local newspaper (something I should probably avoid) I am just baffled at the economic illiteracy that plagues a majority of people. A letter to the editor today exonerated the bailout of the Chrysler, claiming that it was a good "investment" because it only cost taxpayers $1.3 billion and saved countless jobs. Needless to say, anyone can tell you that losing over a billion dollars on an investment is not good. My question is: how big of a failure is necessary for people such as this to be convinced that it was not a wise decision? Would the auto companies have had to gone belly up even after being given billions of dollars? Read more about A Successful Auto Bailout?


A Letter to Newsmax

A close friend of mine got an issue of a conservative magazine called "Newsmax" in the mail recently, and I decided to check it out. What was not altogether unsurprising, but still somewhat disappointing was the fact that some so-called modern "conservatives" embrace Keynesianism. While I don't pretend that there is any major substantive differences between the two American political parties or their supposed ideologies, I believe that most people who call themselves both conservative and supporters of the free market don't fully embrace libertarianism out of ignorance, rather than understanding its tenets and rejecting them. And I think part of the reason is that media such as Newsmax feed them garbage economics. Read more about A Letter to Newsmax


A while back, there was a debate between Tom Woods and Randy Barnett on Judge Napolitano's show regarding state nullification of federal laws. Barnett's argument along with a video of the debate appear here. Simply put, Woods believes that there is a strong historical precedent that states have the constitutional ability to nullify federal laws and Barnett, though he may support states having such a power, does not believe the historical precedent exists. Barnett goes on to say that since the precedent does not exist, federal courts will not recognize it. Read more about Nullification - Does precedent matter?


By Aves Hawk


Guess what? Greece got their next bailout package. This is no surprise since without it, they would default and in doing so drag down the rest of the PIIGS and then the rest of the Eurozone. Kicking the can down the road is what politicians and Governments do best, so expect more of the same in the near future. Read more about Inside Scoop on Swiss Banking



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