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Situational Awareness

5 hours 11 min ago

There’s a scene at the beginning of The Bourne Identity where the film’s protagonist is sitting in a diner, trying to figure out who he is and why he has a bunch of passports and a gun stashed in a safety deposit box. Bourne also notices that he, well, notices things that other people don’t. Watch:

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TV Channel To Sell Guns

5 hours 11 min ago

Are you the kind of person who likes the Home Shopping Network but thinks it could be massively improved with a lot less jewelry and a lot more firearms and concealed weapons apparel for women?

If so, next year will be a banner year for you because GunTV, a new, 24-hour live-shopping channel dedicated to the sale of guns and gun-related gear, is scheduled for a January 2016 launch.

The station will be run by The Social Responsibility Network (which appears to run nothing else).

Louisiana-based Sports South, a 174-year-old distributor of guns and ammunition, is a partner in the channel.

The GunTV programming schedule will include a mix of live shopping segments, firearms safety public service announcements and infomercials about guns, ammunition, gun accessories and outdoor goods and apparel.

“All kinds of firearms, munitions, outdoor and shooting sports products” will be available, the GunTV website explains to prospective sellers. “Each product is reviewed for attributes that have the best opportunity for success. Items should have many of the following attributes: best value to the GunTV consumer, new, revolutionary, demonstrable, exclusives, collectable, unique, problem solving, solution oriented, quality.”

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Silence From the Open-Borders Crowd

5 hours 11 min ago

Regular readers are aware that I have written a good amount on the topic of open borders and culture recently.  I began down this road because I was challenged to tackle Hoppe in the same way I have gone at several left-libertarian positions.  These posts have been among the most commented-on in the history of this blog, for example:

Hoppe’s Realistic Libertarianism, 41 comments (as of this moment)

Hoppe and Immigration, 28 comments

Dances With Elephants, 64 commentsComments on these two posts?  Crickets.  No critic took up the challenge of using the situation in Germany as a case study in support of the open borders position – the perfect experiment to test their theory.

No acknowledgment that a thoughtful left-libertarian, Richman, falls in the same place as many so-called right-libertarians fall on this issue of borders in this world.  No vulgar commentaries by illiterate left-libertarians attacking Richman on this position.

Advocates of open borders had no problem at all blasting away on earlier posts on this topic; those who pooh-poohed the value of culture toward governance had no problem spewing vulgarities at those who dare suggest that culture matters if one is to hope for a libertarian society.

Now, when challenged by the experiment in Merkel’s Germany, nothing.  When confronted by one of their own, silence.


Reprinted with permission from Bionic Mosquito.

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You’d Better Stop Terrorism

5 hours 12 min ago

How can we stop terrorism?

Before you commit yourself though, you might want to consider the following – – –

~”There is no way to stop a dedicated terrorist who is willing to pay the price.” –Desert Storm General Norman Schwartzkopf, Ret., MSNBC

~”The asymmetrical advantage a terrorist has is that he can strike any place at any time, using any conceivable method of attack, and this is impossible to defend against.” –U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, CNN Late Edition

“It’s impossible to have a police officer every place. That would be unrealistic and it would change the nature of a free society.” –NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, quoted by Brian Jenkins, CNN Live

Now, although U.S. officials might think half-a-million dead kids “in pursuit of U.S. Policy” is OK, you can understand why it might seriously tick other people off. Those kids’ parents, family, and friends, for example. Maybe their countrymen in general. Maybe most folks of good will everywhere. It might even tick you off – – –

And even if Uncle stops behaving this way immediately, there will be a time-lag because, by killing their kids, relatives, friends, neighbors, etc., Uncle has ticked-off a LOT of folks over the decades. So you might want to buy that new Glock you’ve been eying — and spend a little more time at the range – – –

This is a burden that will also fall on the kids, grand kids and the yet unborn. None the less, the way to stop terrorism eventually is to stop Uncle Sam from being a terrorist NOW!

I didn’t say it would be easy.

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Mysterious California Landslide

5 hours 12 min ago

A road in Santa Clarita, California, turned into an asphalt mess in just three days, and no one knows exactly why.

CBS Los Angeles reported on Sunday that the road buckled over a 60-meter stretch, with some parts rising as high as 4.5 meters.

UCLA Professor Jeremy Boyce told the media that it was unclear what had caused the phenomenon.

“There was no big rainstorm that triggered this. There was no big earthquake that triggered this,” Boyce said.

The road sits on private property and efforts to contact the owner are still ongoing.

“Everything is being looked into because nothing is obvious. There’s no indication that seismic activity had anything to do with it,” Steve Frasher, a spokesman with the LA Department of Public Works, said.

Reprinted from Russia Today.

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Reflexively Authoritarian, Morally Illiterate, Economically Ignorant

5 hours 12 min ago

The following is an example of the Augean Stables that will have to be mucked out before there is any hope for a rebirth of liberty in this country. It was submitted by what I fear is the typical American nowadays – the reflexive authoritarian, moral illiterate and market economics ignoramus. EPautos readers refer to such people as Clovers (more here).

The subject matter is mandatory insurance. In this case, car insurance. But the principle applies generally (its acceptance is the reason why we now have mandatory health insurance and probably soon mandatory life insurance, with much more to come, if the principle is not identified and rejected) and so is of general interest:preferred to pay nothing for a “service” you don’t need or want) and what you pay will necessarily be more, regardless,precisely because there in no option to say “no.”

Do you really maintain that the cost of a thing is reduced when people are required to buy it – provided they are allowed to buy it from more than one government-backed mafia? That the cost of a hamburger would be less if government required everyone to buy one each week, but allowed us to buy it from either McDonalds or Wendy’s?

In fact, the cost of a hamburger is low because both McDonalds and Wendy’s must live in perpetual dread of people electing to not eat there at all.

The insurance mafia is one of the most profitable government-backed cartels in existence because it has a captive market. When everyone is forced to pay in, the price goes up – not down.

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They’re Making Us Fat

5 hours 12 min ago

In 2006, Felix Grun and Bruce Blumberg, two developmental biologists at the University of California, Irvine, published a research paper about artificial chemicals known to contribute towards obesity. These chemicals, which the researchers named “obesogens,” are foreign compounds that compromise the balance and development of lipid metabolism, often by disrupting endocrine function.

Since 2006, peer-reviewed studies have identified approximately 20 substances as obesogens. Worse still, at least three of these substances are commonly found in the average American household. How many of the following obesogens are you aware of?

Bisphenol A

Bisphenol A (BPA) is perhaps the best-known obesogen, and one of the most destructive. A synthetic compound that has been in commercial use since 1957, BPA is used to make polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins – in other words, consumer goods such as water bottles, food containers, and metal cans.

Though the Food and Drug Administration has claimed that BPA exposure is safe in small quantities, scientific research says otherwise. One study published in The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, for example, showed that BPA – which can leak from its containers into our food and drink – influences multiple endocrine-related pathways. Many studies have also linked BPA exposure with obesity in both human and animal models.


Phthalates are a group of chemicals added to plastics and other products to soften and increase their flexibility. They are found in hundreds of consumer goods, including children’s toys, cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, food containers, and paints, and have been linked to weight gain.

In fact, three independent studies have found that phthalate levels in the body are associated with increased waist circumference and abdominal obesity. Another study, published in the journal Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology in 2009, showed that phthalates could trigger weight gain by disrupting a hormone receptor that plays a key role in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

Perfluorooctanoic Acid

Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) is a long-chain chemical, which, like all obesogens, does not occur naturally in the environment. PFOA is commonly found in non-stick cookware made from Teflon and is shown to be present in the blood of 98 percent of the United States population.

The negative effects of PFOA on human health are well-documented. According to a study featured inEnvironmental Health Perspectives, exposure to higher levels of PFOA is linked to thyroid disease among American adults. Other studies have also associated higher PFOA exposure with chronic kidney disease and various cancers.

Though studies into PFOA’s association with obesity in humans is limited, animal studies suggest that PFOA does deserve its classification as an obesogen. For example, a 2009 study showed that high PFOA doses “significantly increased” brown adipose tissue weight in mice.

Limiting Our Exposure to Obesogens

While it might be impossible to completely avoid exposure to obesogens in today’s polluted world, there are some steps we can take to greatly minimize it. Purchasing organic whole foods instead of processed foods, avoiding plastic drink bottles, and replacing non-stick cookware with cast iron or stainless steel cookware are effective ways to reduce our exposure to BPA, phthalates, and PFOA. Purifying our tap water through distillation or reverse osmosis before drinking it will also minimize our exposure to obesogens, as well as a large number of other health-destroying toxins.

Reprinted from Spiritfoods.

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Francis Wants To Rewrite Scripture?

5 hours 12 min ago

In Nairobi, the pope calls for “eliminating carbon use” on a continent where tens of millions of  poor families burn wood to heat their homes and cook their food.

(He somehow failed to note that Jesus cooked fish for his apostles over burning coals).

Meanwhile, U.S. bishops join their colleagues to demand a binding global agreement on global warming, while  the pope’s feckless Peronist sidekick insists that opponents of such an agreement are evil Tea Party members who make their living selling oil.Perhaps the laity might demand that their bishops preach not politics, but the truths of the faith, on which many of them have become strangely silent.

Consider: in recent years, Catholic bishops have received tens of billions of taxpayer dollars from the federal government for the bureaucracies that run their NGO’s. Catholic hospitals and colleges receive billions more.

And that door swings both ways, as Howard Baker used to say. In fact, years ago Obama got his first community organizer grant from the Catholic Church. And left-wing Catholic lobbies now brag that Obama has returned the favor, increasing the taxpayer funding of Catholic NGO’s.

So … was Jesus a polluter? Or should we follow the money?

Draw your own conclusions.

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An American Ex-Pat in England

5 hours 12 min ago

Born in Kansas City and raised in Midland, Michigan, Dan has also lived in Myrtle Beach, Vail, Martha’s Vineyard, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Taos, Durham, New York, Albuquerque and Denver in the US. He taught English in Seoul for three years, moved furniture in Barcelona for two and, for five years now, has been miserably ensconced in Brighton, England.

Dan, “People here can be very nasty, and in general are very unfriendly compared to the US. This is the only country on earth that hates children, and this shows in the behavior of an often mean-spirited populace. It hasn’t been the most welcoming of countries for me, though my serious depression problems haven’t helped. In short, the upper classes, as Oscar Wilde noted, are unspeakably vile, and would be laughable if they weren’t so dangerous, nasty to the core and the very opposite of life-affirming. The middle classes, like their counterparts everywhere, buy the government line unquestioningly and are dangerously stupid. The lower classes are down to earth and friendly.”

At 48-years-old and with a wife and two kids, Dan’s unchecked days are over. No more motorbike ride through Spain and France, serial girlfriends or coital vacations in the Philippines and Thailand. Marriage is gravity and kids mean both joyous, most profound life and dragging your own coffin to the grave.

Unprompted, a morbidly obese man laughingly said to Dan, “You know we hate you Yanks, don’t you?

In Brighton, there’s an American Diner that’s swarming with Americana, including images of Mickey Mouse, Statue of Liberty, Elvis, Jaws, Ghostbusters, Johnny Cash, ET and Uncle Sam, etc. Shadowed by a condor, a California motor cop stands next to a Harley Davison and, everywhere you look, there’s Marilyn Monroe. This president’s plaything with dyed blonde hair, dead of a drug overdose, has become our most enduring symbol. Menu items include a Norma Jean Salad, Windy City Dog, Little Italy Bagel, fried chicken strips, Buffalo wings and chili con carne, but, unforgivably, no meatloaf or chicken fried steak. Placemats feature the stars and stripes, and most dishes arrive with a small flag.

Dan has gone back and forth about returning to the US. “Until I read your Postcards, which quickly bring me back to grim reality, I miss many things, though admittedly after five years I’m finally starting to accept England: we have friends now and it’s familiar, though it will never be true home for me. As for America, I miss my family first. I love the geography, the wildness of many parts (and people), the friendliness and genuineness of many Americans, also their idealism (this is mainly before the Great Brainwashing/Dumbing Down/ Final Destruction of the Family during the last 30 years). It seems to get worse and worse. Now, all TV is shit, for example, and the people are dumber and nastier than ever. No traces remain of the beautiful, hopeful, intelligent world of the 60’s and early 70’s. It often seems like a great trauma has befallen the populace–and it has, deliberately and systematically, e.g. with prescribed drugs, TV and education, etc.”

As for England, “Lots of little things get to me and often make me miserable or throw me into a rage: countenances on ‘superior’ faces (it would be impossible to be more supercilious than many middle to upper middle class English), little comments, cold people… Also, despite the generally unquestioning hyper-competitive, uber capitalist mindset, I think Britain is light years behind America in essentially everything. Does the loutish, boozed up culture contribute to this? Yes. Does being stuck in the past? Yes—not to say that I think EVERYTHING is wrong with preserving cultural continuity, or that new means good necessarily, but people seem generally so set in their ways here that there’s not the remotest chance of really inventive, outside-the-box thought occurring. Related to this is the lack of true joy in living. It is killed very, very early here as a general rule, though at least many people we know here is wacky, out there old Brighton. They’re trying their best to change this. Joy, love, purity of heart—these are what lead to ‘progress,’ which is probably nothing more than going back to a long forgotten natural state of happiness. Life shouldn’t be miserable!”

While I’m no progressive, I agree with Dan that we’ve lost a huge part of our core humanity and capacity for basic pleasures. In the name of progress, human nature has been deformed and beauty shattered, burnt or bombed into oblivion. It’s as if we can’t stand our magnificent heritage. Just look at what Europe did to itself in the 20th century. Visiting Prague for the first time, I was astounded to see what an intact, major European city should look like. As Lewis Mumford pointed out, man should study his entire past, even the most distant, for lessons on how to move forward. Instead of lunging ahead, he should walk backward as much as possible.

After Brighton, I returned to my teaching job in Leipzig, Germany. Each Monday, opposing camps in the refugee, immigration debate have to be kept apart by hundreds of black clad cops. Businesses suffer. The Christmas Market has just opened, however, so downtown is even more lively and charming than usual. Each day, thousands of people browse 250 stalls for sausages, gluhwein, chocolate, cheese, artisan soap, jewelries, candles or winter clothes, etc. There are two Ferris wheels and several merry go rounds. Here come giddy children riding a lion, a tiger, a camel. As in the Brighton pub, happiness is mingling with other people in a serene setting. Not everything is so idyllic. Beggars, most of them Eastern European, are scattered about. A shabbily dressed old German woman digs through a trash can for recyclable bottles.

With Turkey downing a Russian plane, we move one step closer to a global war. Turkey did not act alone. The US must prevent, at any cost, the economic integration of Eurasia, for should this happen, it would be the odd man out, an irrelevant sulk standing all alone in an Arctic of his own making. With 19 US military bases, Germany would be a missile magnet. Along with the erosion of their identity, already welcomed by many Germans, they risk being pulverized. A sticker in downtown Leipzig, “You say Deutschland, we say die!” The US Empire looted and slaughtered its way to the top. In its death throes, I fear it will unleash unprecedented mayhem.

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Treasure of the Knights Templar

5 hours 12 min ago

The ‘Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon,’ more commonly known as the Knights Templar, or the Templars, was one of the most renowned military orders during the Middle Ages. The source of their fame came not only from their prowess on the battlefield, but also from the wealth they amassed during the Crusades. These riches eventually led to their downfall, and became the so-called ‘Treasure of the Templars’ in the popular imagination. What exactly is the ’Treasure of the Templars’?

The Finances of the Templars

The Templars were not only great warriors, but formidable financiers as well. One of the two ranks of non-fighting men, for instance, was known as the farmers, who were responsible for the administration of the Order’s worldly possessions. The other rank was the chaplains, which tended to the spiritual needs of the Order.

As they had the official endorsement of the Church, the wealthy of Europe provided the Templars with a great amount of donations in the form of money, land, and fighting men. Additionally, they were exempted from all taxation, including the ecclesiastical tithes that were due to the clergy. Thus, the Templars became one of the most affluent institutions during the Middle Ages.

Members of the Knights Templar in discussion. (Public Domain)

The Downfall of the Templars

It was during the early 14th century that the Knights Templar officially came to an end, with the execution of its last Grand Master, Jacques de Molay. The dissolution of the Order was related to its vast treasury.

 Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar. (Public Domain)

The man responsible for the downfall of the Templars was the king of France, Philip IV, called the Fair. The French king, it has been claimed, was heavily in debt to the Templars due to his war with the English, and was also eyeing the wealth of the Templars for himself.

In 1305, Pope Clement V sent letters to de Molay and the Grand Master of the Hospitallers, requesting them to come to France to discuss the possible merger of the two Orders. de Molay arrived in early 1307, though the meeting was delayed for some time.

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Building Hitler’s Supergun

5 hours 12 min ago

The V-3 ‘supergun’ was meant to win the war for Germany.

In 1943, for the first time since World War II began, Hitler was on the back foot.

Allied bombs were devastating German cities and the Fuhrer was rattled. His proposed V-3 cannon would be the biggest gun the world had seen.

The impressive weapon, however, was never test-fired and plagued with technical difficulties.

The workings of the German supergun also remain something of a mystery, because so much of it was destroyed and so few photographs and documents have survived.

The V-3 was built in a truly enormous bunker buried deep in a chalk hill in northern France.

In its original conception, 25 barrels were to point at London – about 100 miles away – delivering up to one bomb per minute that would turn the course of the war back in Hitler’s favour.

It was a doomed secret ‘drone’ mission to destroy the V-3 that led to the death of Joe Kennedy Junior, a pilot and older brother of the future US president, John F. Kennedy.

We estimated that a projectile reaching London must achieve speeds in excess of 1,500 metres per second.

Each barrel of Hitler’s gun was 130 metres long, inclined at 50 degrees and we worked out that this is the perfect angle to reach London – they seem to have got it right.

The projectile was to be accelerated by means of a sequence of charges along the barrel.

Precise timing of these additional charges was very important and it has been supposed that this was done electrically.

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Statin Nation

Fri, 11/27/2015 - 02:01

By Dr. Mercola

“Statin Nation II: What Really Causes Heart Disease?” is the sequel to the documentary “Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-up.” However, it stands well on its own, even if you didn’t see the original film.

For many decades, the idea that saturated fats caused heart disease reigned supreme, and diets shifted sharply away from saturated animal fats such as butter and lard, toward partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and margarine.

However, as people abandoned saturated fats and replaced them with trans fats, rates of heart disease continued on a steady upward climb. And, the more aggressive the recommendations for low-fat diets, the worse this trend became.

Last year, butter consumption in the US reached a 40-year peak, and the resurgence of butter has been attributed to a shift in consumer preferences away from processed foods and back toward natural foods.

This is a positive trend, showing that the old myth claiming that saturated fat is bad for you is finally starting to crumble. People are also starting to recognize that refined sugar is far worse for your heart than dietary fat was, and processed low-fat foods are typically loaded with sugar.

While cholesterol is typically divided into HDL/”good” and LDL/”bad” cholesterol,” there’s really only one kind of cholesterol. The division into HDL and LDL is based on how the cholesterol combines with protein particles.

LDL and HDL are lipoproteins, meaning fats combined with proteins. Cholesterol is fat-soluble, and blood is mostly water, so for it to be transported in your blood, cholesterol needs to be carried by a lipoprotein, which is classified by density.

Large LDL particles are not harmful. Only small dense LDL particles can potentially be a problem, as they can squeeze through the lining of your arteries. If they oxidize, they can cause damage and inflammation.

Thus, it would be more accurate to say that there are “good” and “bad” lipoproteins (opposed to good and bad cholesterol). Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a board certified cardiologist, and Chris Kresser, L.Ac., an integrative medicine clinician, have both addressed this issue in previous interviews.

Some groups, such as the National Lipid Association, are now starting to shift the focus toward LDL particle number instead of total and LDL cholesterol, in order to better assess your heart disease risk. But this approach has not yet spread into the mainstream.

Statins Are Prescribed Based on an Incorrect Hypothesis

Since the cholesterol hypothesis is false, this also means that the recommended therapies — low-fat, low-cholesterol diet, and cholesterol lowering medications — are doing more harm than good. Statin treatment, for example, is largely harmful, costly, and has transformed millions of people into patients whose health is being adversely impacted by the drug. As previously noted by Dr. Frank Lipman:1

“[T]he medical profession is obsessed with lowering your cholesterol because of misguided theories about cholesterol and heart disease. Why would we want to lower it when the research2 actually shows that three-quarters of people having a first heart attack, have normal cholesterol levels, and when data over 30 years from the well-known Framingham Heart Study3 showed that in most age groups, high cholesterol wasn’t associated with more deaths?

In fact, for older people, deaths were more common with low cholesterol. The research is clear – statins are being prescribed based on an incorrect hypothesis, and they are not harmless.”

Statins Can Wreck Your Health in a Number of Ways

The film points out that research shows statins promote calcification of your arteries, and even though arterial calcificationincreases heart disease, these studies seem to be largely ignored by mainstream health professionals. Sherif Sultan, a professor of Vascular and Endovascular surgery who is featured in the film, notes that many people have in fact improved their health by getting off statins.

That certainly doesn’t surprise me, considering the fact that studies have discovered a wide variety of problems associated with statin use, and virtually all of these problems are being downplayed or ignored altogether by conventional medicine.

Odds are actually very high — greater than 100 to one — that if you’re currently taking a statin, you probably don’t need it. Based on my own review of the evidence, the ONLY subgroup that might benefit from statins are those born with a genetic defect called familial hypercholesterolemia. Dr. Sinatra believes males with obstructions in their left anterior descending coronary artery might also benefit. For all others, statins are more likely to do you harm than good.

For example, research shows that statins:

What REALLY Causes Heart Disease?

Statins really have nothing to do with reducing your heart disease risk. In fact, this class of drugs can actually increase your risk for heart problems — especially if you do not take ubiquinol (CoQ10) along with it to mitigate the depletion of CoQ10 caused by the drug. Taking extra vitamin K2 is also advisable.

Statins decrease CoQ10 for the identical reason they lower cholesterol, they impair the pathway your liver uses to make both of them. I believe this is probably its greatest toxicity as CoQ10 is absolutely essential for mitochondrial health. My new passion is understanding this at a fine molecular level as I’m convinced it is the core for the treatment and prevention of most cancers and the slowing down of the aging process. So if you are concerned about these issues, then I couldn’t warn you more strongly to avoid statins.

Knowing that saturated fat and cholesterol have nothing to do with heart disease finally frees you to take a serious look at what does cause this potentially lethal condition. While the film focuses on how things such as cortisol, stress, and telomeres can influence heart disease, for most people heart disease is a result of poor lifestyle choices; some of the most important of which include the following. All of these things are well within your control, and don’t cost much (if any) money to address.

Identifying Risk Factors for Heart Disease

If you want to understand what causes heart disease, you have to look at what causes damage to your artery walls, interferes in disease processes, and causes blood clotting. When the endothelial wall is damaged, repair mechanisms are set into motion, creating a “scab.” To prevent this scab from dislodging, the endothelial wall grows over it, causing the area to become thickened. This is what is called atherosclerosis.

There’s no fat (cholesterol) “clogging the pipe” at all; rather the arterial wall is thickened as a result of your body’s natural repair process. So what causes damage to your arteries?

One of the primary culprits is sugar and fructose in particular. So eating a high sugar diet is a sure-fire way to put heart disease on your list of potential health problems. Meanwhile, total cholesterol will tell you virtually nothing about your disease risk, unless it’s exceptionally elevated (above 330 or so, which would be suggestive of familial hypercholesterolemia, which, in my view, would be about the only time a cholesterol-reducing drug would be appropriate).

Two ratios that are far better indicators of heart disease risk are:

  • Your HDL/total cholesterol ratio: HDL percentage is a very potent heart disease risk factor. Just divide your HDL level by your total cholesterol. This percentage should ideally be above 24 percent. Below 10 percent, it’s a significant indicator of risk for heart disease.
  • Your triglyceride/HDL ratios: This ratio should ideally be below 2.

Additional risk factors for heart disease include:

  • Your fasting insulin level: Any meal or snack high in carbohydrates like fructose and refined grains generates a rapid rise in blood glucose and then insulin to compensate for the rise in blood sugar. The insulin released from eating too many carbs promotes fat and makes it more difficult for your body to shed excess weight, and excess fat, particularly around your belly, is one of the major contributors to heart disease.
  • Your fasting blood sugar level: Studies have shown that people with a fasting blood sugar level of 100 to 125 mg/dl had a nearly 300 percent increase higher risk of having coronary heart disease than people with a level below 79 mg/dl. I personally believe your fasting blood sugar should be below 80 and is something that you should regularly monitor. You don’t need a doctor’s order for it as you can easily purchase blood (finger prick) tests on Amazon. I personally check mine and my blood ketone levels on a regular basis.
  • Your iron level: Iron can be a very potent driver of oxidative stress, so if you have excess iron levels you can damage your blood vessels and increase your risk of heart disease. Ideally, you should monitor your ferritin levels and make sure they are not much above 80 ng/ml. The simplest way to lower them if they are elevated is to donate your blood. If that is not possible you can have a therapeutic phlebotomy and that will effectively eliminate the excess iron from your body.

Sources and References

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Old White Guys

Fri, 11/27/2015 - 02:01

As this is Thanksgiving week, I thought I’d take a break from Muslim terrorists and social justice warriors and all the other negative stuff to give thanks for something positive that happened in 2015. In two separate but similar criminal cases that were resolved this year, a precedent was established that will possibly, hopefully, influence prosecutors in the years to come: Elderly white guys are not legally mandated to play by the “Chuck Norris rule” if they believe their lives are at risk.

What’s the Chuck Norris rule? As anyone who’s ever seen his family-friendly brand of martial-arts ass-kicking knows, the Chuck Norris rule is simple: Force can only be met with equal but not greater force. An evil ninja comes at you with fists, you use fists to defeat him. Kicks can be met with kicks. Weapons like a staff or a sword are only allowable when the bad guys use them first. And a gun? That’s only a permissible line of defense when the villain is firing directly at you with intent to kill.

In the Chuck Norris universe, this type of proportional response to villainy is mandated. It’s why, for eight seasons, CBS was able to promote Walker, Texas Ranger as family-friendly entertainment. At heart, the Chuck Norris rule is the direct antithesis of the “Chicago way” from The Untouchables.

It’s become a media cliché to say that the white population in the U.S. is “rapidly aging,” but clichéd though that claim may be, it’s not inaccurate. Like all elderly people, aging whites will become increasingly susceptible to crime, and matters relating to self-defense will become more and more important. Which is why I consider it a small victory that this year, two separate attempts to penalize old white men for not abiding by the Chuck Norris rule failed miserably. If you didn’t read about these two cases in the news, it’s almost certainly because, since all the participants were white—the good guys and bad guys alike—neither story got Trayvonified into a national cause célèbre involving rioters, burned-out CVS stores, and presidents waxing poetic about hypothetical sons.

In July 2014, 80-year-old Long Beach resident Tom Greer had the utter gall to think he could just waltz into his own house after spending an evening out. Unfortunately, his act of aggression—coming home—surprised two local thugs (both with a history of crimes against the elderly) who were in the process of ransacking Greer’s house when the old man returned. The criminals—a 26-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman—began mercilessly beating Greer, breaking his collarbone and knocking him to the floor. As the male robber tried to force open Greer’s safe, the female continued the attack, stomping on the helpless octogenarian. Finally, she left to help her boyfriend with the safe, giving Greer time to crawl toward where he kept his .22 Smith & Wesson. Injured, in great pain, disoriented, frightened, but not particularly keen on the idea of dying that night, Greer managed to get to his feet and come after the wealth redistributors, who fled at the sight of the gun. Greer pursued them into the alley behind his house, where the female hoodlum pleaded with Greer, “Don’t shoot me, I’m pregnant, I’m going to have a baby.”

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How To Stop Running Over Blind People

Fri, 11/27/2015 - 02:01

When things get ridiculous they tend to become hilarious.

Or, pathetic – and aggravating.

Example: The government wants to require that hybrid and electric cars be fitted with devices that make them noisy, so that the blind will be aware of their presence. See here. Apparently, there is an epidemic of blind – whoops, visually impaired – people being run over by hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Bezos Beats Musk

Fri, 11/27/2015 - 02:01

In the battle to create a reusable rocket, Jeff Bezos has just dealt Elon Musk’s SpaceX a significant and unexpected blow.

Blue Origin, the Amazon founder’s private space firm, has successfully flown its New Shepard ship to space, before landing it at a launch site in Texas.

Elon Musk has so far tried, and failed, to land his Falcon rocket on a specially-built barge, with his craft tipping over or crashing on impact.

Three billionaires – Musk, Bezos and Richard Branson – have entered the space arena in recent years and the race is on to create reusable rockets that could be used for space tourism as well as future scientific missions.

Blue Origin confirmed its New Shepard vehicle reached its planned test altitude of 329,839ft (101km) before landing again earlier today.

The only visible damage to the rocket is scorched metal at its base.

Following the successful launch, Bezos tweeted: ‘Now safely tucked away at our launch site in West Texas is the rarest of beasts – a used rocket’.

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Is the US Deliberately Starting WWIII?

Fri, 11/27/2015 - 02:01

Turkey’s decision to shoot down a Russian warplane was a provocative and portentous act.

That Sukhoi Su-24, which the Turks say intruded into their air space, crashed and burned — in Syria. One of the Russian pilots was executed while parachuting to safety. A Russian rescue helicopter was destroyed by rebels using a U.S. TOW missile. A Russian marine was killed.

“A stab in the back by the accomplices of terrorists,” said Vladimir Putin of the first downing of a Russian warplane by a NATO nation in half a century. Putin has a point, as the Russians are bombing rebels in northwest Syria, some of which are linked to al-Qaida.

As it is impossible to believe Turkish F-16 pilots would fire missiles at a Russian plane without authorization from President Tayyip Recep Erdogan, we must ask: Why did the Turkish autocrat do it?

In southern Ukraine, pylons supporting the power lines that deliver electricity to Crimea have been sabotaged, blown up, reportedly by nationalists, shutting off much of the electric power to the peninsula.

Repair crews have been prevented from fixing the pylons by Crimean Tatars, angry at the treatment of their kinfolk in Crimea.

In solidarity with the Tatars, Kiev has declared that trucks carrying goods to Crimea will not be allowed to cross the border.

A state of emergency has been declared in Crimea.

Russia is retaliating, saying it will not buy produce from Ukraine, and may start cutting off gas and coal as winter begins to set in.

Ukraine is as dependent upon Russia for fossil fuels as Crimea is upon Ukraine for electricity. Crimea receives 85 percent of its water and 80 percent of its electricity from Ukraine.

Moreover, Moscow’s hopes for a lifting of U.S. and EU sanctions, imposed after the annexation of Crimea, appear to be fading.

Are these events coordinated? Has the U.S. government given a go-ahead to Erdogan to shoot down Russian planes? Has Obama authorized a Ukrainian economic quarantine of Crimea?

For Vladimir Putin is not without options. The Russian Army and pro-Russian rebels in southeast Ukraine could occupy Mariupol on the Black Sea and establish a land bridge to Crimea in two weeks.

In Syria, the Russians, with 4,000 troops, could escalate far more rapidly than either us or our French allies.

As of today, Putin supports U.S.-French attacks on ISIS. But if we follow the Turks and begin aiding the rebels who are attacking the Syrian army, we could find ourselves eyeball to eyeball in a confrontation with Russia, where our NATO allies will be nowhere to be found.

Has anyone thought this through?

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Ever Heard of Amla?

Fri, 11/27/2015 - 02:01

In the ancient science of Ayurveda, doctors often prescribe Indian Gooseberry, also known as Amla, or Amalaki (scientific name Phyllanthus emblica). The rejuvenating fruit has many uses; among them, the powerful fruit, full of B and C vitamins as well several other exceptional phytonutrients, helps to decrease blood glucose levels in diabetics and lower cholesterol.

In a study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, as well as other peer reviewed studies, amla fruit helped with cholesterol as well as blood sugar levels. Both normal and diabetic volunteers receiving 2 or 3 g E. officinalis powder significantly (P <  0.05) improved high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol and lowered low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol levels.

As far as lowering elevated blood sugar levels in humans, amla wins again. Researchers observed that diabetic individuals who were given 1, 2, or 3 gm of amla powder everyday had decreased levels of fasting and 2 hour post-prandial blood glucose levels after 20 days. But individuals who received 3gm of amla powder showed significantly reduced sugar levels.

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After Paris

Fri, 11/27/2015 - 02:01

*After Paris

A couple of thoughts on the aftermath of the attacks in Paris on Friday, November 13.

What’s With This “We”?

Patrick Smith at Salon has written much on this topic since then.  In one column, he rightly takes to task those who come to the issue of terrorist extremism without context; in the case of current events, without the context of Western (not the least of which, French) meddling in the Middle East and North Africa.  I will not cite anything directly on this subject, but he offered an interesting point – one that some have passed through more easily than others, and more easily than Smith, apparently:

The reason is not a mystery. Under merciless attack from Islamic State, flailing on the refugee crisis, and consequently desperate to end the war in Syria, European leaders, backed by Obama, have come to an uncomfortable but, in historical terms, not wholly novel conclusion: they need Russia.

From Smith:

When we say “Paris changed everything,” we seem to mean more than what some of us understood 10 days ago. The complexities will be obvious, but there is a straight line now between a violence-adulating resistance movement in the Middle East, its attack on a European capital, a new resolve to defeat terrorism in Syria, the prospect of an orderly settlement and—dotted line here—a kind of latter-day Concert of Europe, which coalesced after the Congress of Vienna, included Russia and lasted a century.

All of this was before Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet.

Somebody decided to try to end this budding rapprochement before it started, apparently. Take a look at the map: even if one accepts Turkey’s version of flight paths, someone would really have to want to tear Russia and NATO apart for this airspace “violation” to result in such catastrophe – no matter how many “warnings” were offered (or not).

Reprinted with permission from Bionic Mosquito.

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The ISIS Terror Threat

Fri, 11/27/2015 - 02:01

The panic in the western world, since the attack in Paris, where approx. 130 were killed is quite over the top.

Walking home Friday evening, at the corner of Montgomery and Second St., in San Francisco, I winessed train passengers rushing out of the underground train station. Police were rushing in. Someone had heard a “pop.”

It was nothing.

The panic has spread to small towns:

And a plane headed to San Francisco was diverted because three men “suspiciously” swapped seats with each other:

The flight landed at Kansas City International Airport around 7:50 a.m. The flight crew made the decision to divert the flight when several passengers did not follow takeoff instructions and continued to display suspicious behavior during the flight.

After the landing, all passengers were deplaned and three people were questioned by police. As a further safety measure, K-9 teams checked the airplane. It was re-boarded after the search and released to continue on its flight plan around 9:20 a.m….

[C]oncern began when flight attendants were making their pre-flight announcements and the three men seated in the last row acted suspiciously. “That part of the debrief at the beginning, they had gotten out of their seats and had swapped seats in the middle of that particular section and that was something that created an issue,” …

After about an hour on the ground, baggage was rescreened and passengers were allowed to re-board.But three men were missing. “They were not in line with us to re-board,” Lee said…

After questioning, the three men were rebooked and allowed to continue on later flights.

While the slaughter in Paris was horrific, it should be kept in mind that many more pedestrians die each year in the US as a result of getting hit by automobiles.

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, in 2013 there were 4,735 deaths caused by pedestrians being hit by cars.

Yet, remarkably, the government hasn’t banned crossing the street.

The world is a very complex place and it is not always safe. Most people, one would think. would prefer being allowed to choose their own level of risk taking.

Yet, governments are acting in France and Belgium as though a one size fits all risk tolerance must be implemented and that the tolerance level for its citizens, when it comes to terrorist risk, is near zero, and, of course, state power has expanded because of this mentality.

In France, the French President François Hollande asked for a 3-month state of emergency and the French National Assembly has voted to extend the state of emergency for this period.

The emergency bill will, among other things, extend new powers to the police, ostensibly for preventing terrorism through increasing the legal room available for them to make searches and seizures, as well the ability to place citizens under house arrest.

French advocacy group La Quadrature du Net described the extension as “unjustified” by any reason “other than to circumvent the principle of separation of powers. Since the beginning of the emergency last Saturday, many searches are conducted for administrative cases under common law, with no connection to the fight against terrorism, and foreshadow a police state that the extension of three months the risk of trivializing”.

French security forces have conducted over 400 raids since last Friday’s terrorist attacks, and have made 60 arrests.

Things are worse in Belguim:

And here in the US, we have everyone from the neocons to Donald Trump hyping up the masses:

This is all occurring despite the fact that the terrorist attacks, to date, have been very low level operations. They have not resulted in anything close to the number of people killed in the Middle East by US bombings, blockades, military actions and drones. If you are wondering what shock and awe is really all about, think about the Middle East and the panic that is going on in many of those countries.

And don’t forget the curious horrific attack in Afghanistan by a US AC 130 gunship on a Doctors Without Borders run hospital. The hospital was bombed 5 times within an hour.

Still the panic is here, even though, one would think it is quite easy to remove oneself from risk,with no help from government,  if one really were concerned. Just stay away from large crowds, theaters, sporting events, malls etc.

I will be doing none of this because I do think the risk is extremely low, even though San Francisco may be on a terrorist list as a potential target (Though it does probably make a little sense to stay away from a very high profile event, such as the Thanksgiving Day parade).

But the fact that no one seems to be moving out of New York City and Washington D.C. suggests a disconnect. Most see little risk when it comes to their individual situation. Yet, they want the government to do something about the “threat.”

When you start to see streams  of people flowing out of NYC and DC, the way you now do in Syria, you will know they have real concerns. Until then, it is all about government hype scaring people, and the government pretending they can stop all attacks, despite the fact that terrorist attacks are by their very nature extremely difficult to detect and it is why they are the preferred method of attack by the militarily weak.

To the degree a business believes it is more vulnerable to attack, such as a shopping mall or stadium, it is best we leave the security for such businesses to those who run them. This is the only way we will get creative in protection against terrorists, and at the same eliminate the brute security measures now on display in Belgium and France, which only lead to government abuses of power.

The big problem in America and Europe right now is not terrorism, it is handing over the keys to our freedoms to governments who hype up the threat and mislead as to what they can actually do to stop terrorism. Further, to the degree government officials use the terrorist attacks to call for wars in far off lands, they are fueling the flames that will cause even more to burn with terrorist rage.

The ultimate solution to terrorism is to shrink government. Foreign military adventures must be stopped and domestic regulations and handouts must be ended. It is a myth to think the terrorists are just religious fanatics. It is a myth spread by the warmongers.

The female killed during a police raid in Paris at an apartment of the terrorists was Hasna Aitboulahcen. Reports NyPo:

Neighbors told the Times of London that Aitboulahcen was considered a bad Muslim, and a female friend said she once caused a scene while wasted in a German nightclub.

“She got very drunk and sprayed tear gas around the whole place,” the pal said.

“Basically, she just got angry with a guy who was trying to chat her up and became furious.”

“I think she had a very disturbed childhood, and she had a lot of problems. She really did drink a lot,” the woman added.

Another friend, Amin Abou, 26, described her as a “party animal who loved clubbing.”

“She drank alcohol and smoked and went around with lots of different guys,” he said.

And the Sunday Times of London fills us in on the terrorist currently on the run:

Twenty-six year-old Belgian Salah Abdeslam, patrons of a gay bar in Brussels told The Sunday Times of London, that he was a regular there — known for boozing, smoking hash and flirting with other men.

“We had him down as a rent boy,” a bartender named Julien said of Abdeslam, who’s been on the run since the Nov. 13 attacks on Paris.

Others said he was known for long days playing video games in the bar owned by his killed terrorist brother Brahim in the poor Brussels suburb of Molenbeek.

The brothers’ tastes would appear to make them unlikely ISIS extremists. The terror group brutally punishes homosexuality — often hurling gay men off buildings or stoning them to death — and alcohol or drug use.

To be sure, both Aitboulahcen and Abdeslam turned “religious” in the weeks before the attacks, but it is clear we are dealing with lost souls frustrated in not seeing a way to success, blocked from success in many ways by government, and to repeat, a government bombing their homeland.

It is time to get government out of the picture on many levels. The breeding of terrorist savages by governments must stop. Freedom is the answer, not further clampdowns on freedom—on all of us.

Don’t fear the terrorists, fear the government that will take away your freedoms in the name of protecting you from terrorists.

Reprinted from Target Liberty.

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