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By Aves Hawk

No Time 4 Bull is proud to announce that we have become an Affiliate of Singapore's latest up-and-coming bullion dealer, BullionStar!

For a long time NT4B has put a lot of effort into keeping this website clean, and free of spam, ads, and other distractions from its core content and theme. However, we believe that BullionStar provides incredible value to small to mid-size savers, which includes the majority of our readers. Because of this, we are making an exception.

Our core content and theme has been to bring to light the major trend of our time. That is the flow of wealth from a bankrupt West to a rising East, along with the economic and geopolitical risks that arise from it. We have attempted to bring to light solutions that exist not only to protect our wealth from those risks, but also to create even more wealth while this whole process happens. Namely the buying of real assets, especially gold and silver, and the selling of paper assets such as currencies, stocks, bonds, and real estate. An honorable mention also goes out to other precious metals such as platinum and palladium, products that are generally considered necessities such as food, water, energy, alcohol, tobacco, medicine, etc, and the businesses that produce those products.

Central to all of our solutions is the self-education, or learning process that must happen for one to understand the risks that need avoiding, and the opportunities that arise. Without understanding of the problem, one does not have the conviction to act on the solutions presented.

Very few people truly understand that a bank savings account is false advertising. A savings account actually means one is lending currency to the bank, that's why there is a small interest rate. Should the bank run into liquidity problems, the small to mid-size saver will be among the last of the creditors to be paid out. With existing bail-in legislation, those same savings could be used to save the financial system. A savings account does not even save the purchasing power of the currency to begin with. When adjusted for inflation, the currency is actually losing purchasing power. Thus a savings account does not protect wealth, nor does it save value. A savings account does not serve its purpose. Fortunately, there exist other things that do!

We believe BullionStar offers tremendous value for those small to mid-size savers who wish to 'follow in the footsteps of giants' as FOFOA might say, and wish to save in gold or silver. We believe that we would be doing a great disservice to our readers if we do not shine some light on some of the great things BullionStar offers.

BullionStar was started in 2012 by Torgny Persson who has established bullion dealers in other countries such as Sweden and Estonia.

BullionStar is located in Singapore, the safest banking jurisdiction of our current time. Singapore has never had a bank failure, and the banks are capitalized much better than their Western counter-parts. It has a strong legal system that is grounded in English Common Law, and an economic policy that follows a relatively hands-off approach. There is no Sales, VAT, or capital gains tax on bullion. There are no reporting requirements and no import/export regulations for bullion products.

BullionStar only deals with allocated bullion. No leveraged paper products.

BullionStar offers an all-in-one show-room, store, and vault location at 45 New Bridge Road, Singapore. Customers can buy, store, sell or request physical withdrawal of their bullion through their state-of-the-art online platform. Bullion can be picked up in-store or shipped internationally, They also offer an in-house trading solution where customers can trade digital bullion products. Nowhere else in the world can you view, buy, deposit, store, audit, value, sell, trade and withdraw stored physical bullion in a one-stop-shop.

BullionStar offers free storage until 2016, the lowest premiums of any bullion dealer in South-East Asia, and there is no minimum buy order. Bitcoin is accepted.

Some of our readers might be wondering how this can be a profitable business. No storage fees?Low premiums? How do they turn a profit?

The store is a former bank branch, so much of the infrastructure was already in place when the location was purchased. They also purchase bullion in bulk, in order to secure low price premiums compared to the spot price, and pass on the reduced price to you. By offering free storage now, they are trusting the customer to stay with them long-term, and refer others to their service. In short, BullionStar is building customer confidence, so that they might have a profitable business 3-5 years after start-up.

The editors at NT4B believe that BullionStar offers tremendous value, and is an honest, transparent start-up bullion dealer that is offering a bullion service that is perhaps the most valuable in the world relative to the price. We recommend you have a look at BullionStar's website, and decide for yourself.

Disclaimer: NT4B earns a small commission 0.3% for gold bullion orders, and 1% for silver bullion orders. The NT4B editors use BullionStar's storage services for some of their private bullion holdings. The NT4B editors do not recommend any products or services without having tried the product or service, and without having some continuing exposure to that same product or service.



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