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According to a 1908 doctrine, copyright holders only have a right over the first sale of their products. This might change, however, due to a publisher suing a Thai student for his entrepreneurial efforts.

Supap Kertsaeng is studying abroad in the U.S. and had found out that buying his textbooks in Thailand is much cheaper. Hence, he had his family back in Thailand buy the books and ship them to him. He later found that he could sell those books to others at a profit. Read more about U.S. Supreme Court Considers Outlawing Second-Hand Sales


Several smaller pieces have been piling up lately. It is time to put them together and create a larger picture.


Practical Bull Radio interviews Jim Willie – In the second ever episode of their new radio show, Practical Bull Radio interviews Jim Willie, of and the Hat-Trick Newsletter. Jim Willie has been featured on No Time 4 Bull before. There are few people out there that can outperform his analysis of finance and precious metals. The interview focus is on economic cycles and how the stock markets and precious metals are actually opposites of the same cycle. Read more about Practical Bull and Lawful Banking


Somebody Had to Say It

An organization known as the Ralph Smead Foundation, based in Caldwell, Idaho has recently made the mainstream news for having a sign which some say "goes too far."

Read more about Somebody Had to Say It


If you consume even the minimal amount of alternative media, you will realize the on-going theme of how indoctrinating the public schools are. What is astounding to me is how little I realized it at the time I was attending them. But in contemplating this, I realize that the indoctrination went beyond school and into entertainment geared towards kids. Let me recall three examples of kids' shows I watched that contained an explicit or implicit anti-business bias:

Doug Read more about Cartoons and Capitalism


Those of you who have already activated their sixth sense or donned their critical thinking caps might be able to see where the next few posts might be going. The two most recent posts, Voluntary Action, and The 6th Sense, might be considered recommended reading before reading this one. Voluntary Action laid the basis for taking responsibility for your actions and The 6th Sense gave you the only tool you need to do so. Read more about Taking Responsibility for Your Actions


The Individual Mandate

This week the U.S. Supreme Court is supposed to make a decision regarding the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. One of the questions that legal scholars are debating is what will have to happen consequent to various possible rulings, such as the whole act being struck down, only the individual mandate being declared unconstitutional, etc. Read more about The Individual Mandate


"We, the State"

A phenonmenon that I find very interesting is the essentially subconcious use of the word "we" when describing the actions of the State. Simon Black wrote on this a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps you have heard this happening or even done it yourself. We will hear, as Americans, talk of when "we" invaded Afghanistan or Iraq, or when "we" sought independence from the British. Clearly, the word has a variety of uses. The former example has to do with actions of the U.S. military in our lifetimes, the latter having to do with individuals who have since passed from this world. Read more about "We, the State"


Some say that the sixth sense is common sense. Which might be why it is uncommon, since most of us think we only have five sense and are not aware of this sixth sense. Common sense is defined by Merriam-Webster as “sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts”. Simply put, common sense is the same thing as critical thinking. Call it a skill or a sense, it doesn't really matter.


  Read more about Frederic, Sherlock, Jay, James and the 6th Sense


Voluntary Action

Read more about Voluntary Action


How can anyone possible know how to buy low and sell high when almost all markets around the world are so manipulated and distorted by Government? It gets pretty difficult to be able to judge value when everything is out of balance. Of course, a market can never be completely in balance, things are always changing, but relatively speaking, there has to be a way to properly judge prices, otherwise we'd have no clue what we're really paying for anything.

  Read more about Price Discovery of Gold



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