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Check Mate - Here and Now


See the following links for first-hand accounts of the climax and consequences that the total actions of 6 billion people have propelled us to:

Here is Jim Sinclair's page with highlights regarding the West's last moves in the Ukraine. Re-testing of the USD Index at 79.0 is at hand today, and next week. The USD's last hurrah is here. Remember that hyperinflation is not a supply-side event. Hyperinflation is a demand-side event, where the holders of the depreciated asset sell it en masse. UST Bonds and USD are about to return home to the West, where they rightfully belong. This includes especially the displacement of the London Paper Gold Fix, with a physical gold pricing system out of Shanghai. Remember also that the former net longs, such as JPM, have been net long since last year. Paper prices are fast becoming irrelvant to reality.

Here is Jim Willie, with the latest notes on the USD's last attempt to protect the Petro-Dollar Standard, and attack Gazprom in the Middle East and Ukraine. This is the NatGas-Yuan Standard, shortly to turn into a new Gold Standard. The East has accumulated massive amounts of physical gold over the last few years, as has been highlighted on this blog via the transfer of wealth from West to East. The sellers of paper assets, and the buyers of real assets will benefit from this trend.

Here is the latest from Court of Record, highlighting the latest events in the game of Chess that the West and the East have been playing. Putin, along with the rest of the East, has cornered the West in a classic Check-Mate in Ukraine. The dissolution and fall of the US Empire and its supporting cast will follow soon. Be prepared for an ugly exit as the Federal Reserve circular legal tender fraud finally falls apart.

These 3 people have done a tremendous job to draw the connections between internatonal events, and present information about what exactly is happening. More importantly, they draw a picture of what is to come for those of us who do not have access to the same information and vision.

This climax will be difficult for those who are heavily invested in the dying paper assets, of the West. Time is running very short to Get-Out-of-the-System (GOTS). Inflation to infinity, capital controls, cash limits, bail-ins and bail-outs are happening now.

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