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Happy Earth Day!...


By Aves Hawk


April 22nd is International Mother Earth Day! Let's all gather 'round to save the planet! Humans are a disease!

In that case shouldn't we all just kill ourselves now instead of putting it off any longer? After all isn't that what you do with diseases? Get rid of them? Actually, I have a better solution, let's just make more regulations, increase taxes and create more debt. Seems like an adequate compromise?

What a bunch of arrogant lies and self-deceit. George Carlin sums up my thoughts very well. I'll let him do the rest. "The planet is fine, the people are f***ed!" 



This whole environmentalist movement makes the same mistake as those who think voting will make a difference. The solution always seems to be through political means where we increase regulations, taxes and inflation, because those are the only three things that are politically acceptable. The political process does not work. All talk, no action. Let the other 49% pay for it.


How about we all take responsibility for our own actions? Maybe instead of creating rules so that businesses can't supply us with our demands, maybe we should change our demands? Maybe if you want to save a polar bear you should start a zoo? (Assuming they need saving, the last time I checked they were fine. Ice does melt in the spring and coincidentally that's when most of the reports about melting ice seem to make it into the news.) Wait, we taxed, regulated and inflated our economy to death and now all our zoos and businesses are going bankrupt. What do we do? Let's regulate, tax and inflate some more. Until the political process goes bankrupt and then we will have to take responsibility for our own actions because Big Brother and Uncle Sam can't hold our hands anymore.

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