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The Holy Science of The Great Year and The Self


Physics drives finance and finance drives politics, so wrote Robert A Hettinga. Everything has its origin in reality. The further the collective mind gets from reality, the harder the reality check will be down the road.

There are three key cycles that shape much of what happens in nature. The day, the year, and the great year. Because these cycles are part of physics, they have strong effects on finance and politics.

The day happens because the Earth spins on its own axis. It takes 24 hours for the Earth to complete a full rotation. The sun appears to rise, peak, set, and disappear. Thus we have birth, growth, decline, and death.

The year happens because the Earth orbits the Sun. It takes 365.33 days for the Earth to complete a full rotation. The calendar year is 365, and thus we get a leap year every 4 years to make up the difference.

The seasons happen as a combination of these two cycles. As the Earth is rotating on itself and orbiting the Sun, it wobbles a bit. That's where your tropic of Cancer and Capricorn come from. The Sun appears to move in the Heavens as a result of this wobble and sets over a different constellation of stars. Cancer and Capricorn are those constellations. The end result is a change in the angle and amount of sunlight reaching different parts of the Earth. When the Sun is North of the Equator, near the Tropic of Cancer, it is summer in the north and winter in the South. When the Sun is at Capricorn, the opposite is true. Thus we have spring, summer, fall, and winter, or birth, growth, decline, and death.


The great year is the forgotten cycle of the Ages. It is not caused by our Sun and takes an incredible amount of time. Therefore it is harder to notice. The Great Year happens because our Sun is a star and orbits another star called Sirius. This is called a binary orbit, and it takes about 24 000 years for our Sun to orbit Sirius. When Sirius is near, we have an added source of light and energy, thus we are in the Golden Age. When Sirius is far, we are in the Dark Age. 2012 actually marks then end of the Age of Pisces, the end of the Dark Age, and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the beginning of the Bronze Age. And thus we have birth, growth, decay and death again.

This has been known for millennia yet 'mainstream' science continues to deny it. Just like the Earth was flat at one point, this is pure politics. By acknowledging this cycle as true, the existing political order would fall apart. It is denied because it means that civilization didn't start at 0AD or at 3000-5000BC. It means that civilization has been around for many millennia and experiences general levels of higher enlightenment and lower enlightenment. Look at the word enlightenment - in light in mind - from Latin. Meaning there is more light in the mind. Where is the light coming from?

The Earth is just exiting the latest Dark Age. It means from here on, the level of enlightenment will only increase. No wonder there is so much deceit, confusion, ignorance, war and everything else associated with darkness. No wonder this world-wide fake-money experiment run by Babylon was able to grow to the heights of today. And no wonder the whole thing is ready to fall apart as everyone is slowly awakening. We are in the Spring, the new beginning.


These cycles are embodied in the Zodiac, or the philosopher's stone. The Zodiac is the key to understanding these cycles. There is an area of study called the Holy Science. It studies what happens in the stars (astrology), the Zodiac, and how literally everything is related to the stars. Almost all religions, myths, and prophesies are based on something that happens in the sky. Did you really think that humans were creative enough to write all of those stories such as the Bible, the Qu'ran, little red riding hood, Nostradamus or any other story from scratch? Simply take something old and add a new look. There is a reason it is called the Holy Science – it is the study of how Science drives religion, and politics.

If you're interested in this subject, a full length movie called the Great Year has been published by Walter Cruttenden. You can find it on Amazon or on Pirate Bay. Santos Bonacci offers perhaps the best online lecture material on this subject. Here is a great one to start with:


As a side note, I just watched the Lion King recently, and noticed that the language is definitely not the language of say a 10 or 12 year old kid. There are a lot of political meanings in the story. I'd say the Lion King is a mini version of the Great Year. The rightful sun (Moufassa) dies, world descends into a dark age, the evil sun (Scar) takes the throne (notice evil is the opposite of live). The rightful sun (Simba) returns, knocks the evil sun off the throne and the Golden Age returns. Its the battle of day and night, summer and winter, gold and dark or the Sun and Saturn. It is Saturn that embodies dark as it is the furthest body in our solar system that is still visible to the eye. It's all in the stars.

Everything is based on physics, nature and reality. The macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm and the micro of the macro. As above so below. And as below so above. Your body is a reflection of what happens in the stars. Why 12 signs of the Zodiac, 12 disciples, 12 months, 12 organ systems in your body? Your body is a reflection of nature, the stars. What has happened and what will happen is in the Stars. Everything is related. There's nothing new under the Sun. I'd say Babylon is overdue for a reality check, darkness is on the way out, Sirius is on her way back.




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