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It's Gotta Be Close


We've been writing for a while now about cycles and trends, and where we're currently at in relation to time within those cycles. For several years now, there have been a lot of very credible people, financial analysts, former insiders, and gold buyers, that have been pointing at some these trends, and their inevitable end. The trends in question are the exponential explosion of debt & currency since 2008, along with the exponential growth of the international police state, and flow of gold from West to East. The inevitable end, is the finacial and economical collapse of the West, and the Rise of the East.

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These trends are part of a cycle because everything, plants, agriculture, economy, people, finance, physics, etc, are all part of nature. Nature does everything in cycles. Remember this quote:

"Physics drives Finance, Finance drives Politics." - Robert A Hettinga

For quite some time since 2008, finance and politics has been in a sort of Eye of the Storm. A time where things are not good, things are not bad, but there's something in the air. Over the last year or two, we've been gradually exiting the Eye, and getting into gradually rougher and rougher waters again.

Those who have opened their eyes, and are aware of what is happening behind the scences that the mainstream media are not telling, know that eventually the rest of this Storm must come to pass sooner or later, it is inevitable. The hardest part to know, is when. For as many have discovered, what is in invetiable does not need to happen today or tomorrow. What is inevitable takes time to unfold, sometimes an excruciating amount of time, because it the outcome is so painfully obvious. 

Probably the last 5 years, from 2008 until now, have been among the most painful and trying. Many have been waiting for a sudden resumption of the Storm, or a sudden exit from the Eye. Instead we've gotten a gradual increase of the story of the boiling frog. Every time more cracks appear, there is more kicking of the can down the road, or more patches stuck to a sinking ship.

We're getting closer. Every time a another crack appears and is temporarily patched over, the entire charade becomes that much weaker, and is that much closer to falling apart.


Here's Bill Holter of Miles Franklin with a nice summary of what's going on in the world of money. His big point is the lack of bullion that is available to meet the delivery requests of the likes of Germany.

There's quite a few who understand that the official collapse of the West is very close. Part of the reasoning is that the East is looking for ever more physical gold and silver, among record-breaking physical imports and delivery. And the West is looking at a rapidly dwindling or already non-existent supply of physical bullion to meet those deliveries. Combine that with a rising UST yield, ever-rising price-inflation of living expenses, and a stagnating economy. That's a lot of stress to put on a broken system, it's gotta give soon.


Here's FOFOA's latest, going back to the beginning of the Gold Trail.

"It is to say, the gold you thought be in your bank, was not. In your account, the real money was lent and the credit claim represents your wealth." - Another

"It is the clear view for an honest eye, yes?" - Another

"I want to openly state that we have absolutely "NO" faith in gold! None! We do have "absolute", "unending" and "complete" faith in the judgment of our fellow humans. Because we travel this life journey as a society of like kind, our success over time depends on the ability of people to deal fairly with each other. There is nothing to gain in this life but the honest productive efforts we bestow upon each other. These are represented as the goods and services each of our special talents can produce. We also believe that no one, in this life, should be cheated out of any portion of their savings and will act to protect themselves from losses. This act of protection can and does take many forms as the "lessons of a long life" become the "tools of a families defense". For most of us, indeed, money is "the" lifelong lesson.

I believe, that in the time just ahead, most people will use their natural good judgment and leave the "world monetary system". Mostly because they will begin to lose savings from price inflation. If the history of human kind is any guide, they will return to the safety of the past. They will use the only "conservative money" the world has ever known that cannot be deflated or inflated. They will do this until the currencies are correctly revalued against gold. Gold will then become the de facto world money as currency will be used only for commerce and trade. Its value in trade closely governed by its exchange rate into gold." - FOA

Wise words. There's lots more to be found on the gold trail with Another and FOA as your guides. 


A good picture tells a thousand words, here's one from GSF.

The ratio of USD:Oil and Gold:Oil. Prices are ratios. Which is more stable? What trend is evident? Which cycle is about to repeat?


Watch the FED and the yield on the 10 Year UST Bond. And as always, look at the price and premiums of physical at the dealers, refineries, and the flow of physical instead of paper.

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