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JS Mineset's GOTS Checklist


Bill Holter of Miles Franklin recently started working together with Jim Sinclair of JS Mineset. These two are among the most aware when it comes to understanding the current state of Economics & Geo-Politics.

The other day Bill did a review of Jim's GOTS Checklist. The list from Jim has been around for several years, and speaks to the risks that the West is exposed to. Specifically to the risks that personal wealth is exposed to via the financial system and geopolitics. Bill adds his own explanation and insights of each item on the list.

The most important point Bill makes is that the timing to complete this checklist is now, not tomorrow, or a year from now, but right now. It is much better to be prepared early, than to lose everything you have saved because you are just a little bit late. Nothing beats being prepared when it comes to peace of mind. You won't have to worry about what might happen, when you already know that you have prepared as well as possible for the worst that might happen.

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