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Learning How to Think - Online courses from Ludwig von Mises Institute - Free online courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Susan Wise Bauer's Guide to Classical Education at Home - Bunker Roy teaching grandmothers to be solar engineers - The recycled Orchestra of Paraguay - Huge academy of free online courses - Practical homeschooling - The basis for all learning - logic, grammar, & rhetoric - More about the Trivium

Uncle Eric Series - Richard Maybury's Series on How the World Works - Non-profit open-source free-energy research centre - Review of American online college courses


Common Law, God's Law, Natural Law

Global Isles Court of Record - Joseph Ray Sundarsson's Court of Record - How to foreclose & default the banks & courts

Invisible Contracts - George Mercier – Detailed essay on voluntary contracts

Global Settlement Foundation - A new lawful & digital payment system

Restore America Plan - America's restored Republic as of 2010, President Tim Turner - Learning foundation in Common Law by Bill Thornton

The Errant Sovereign's Handbook - Augustus Blackstone - Uncle Gus' methods

The Global Sovereign's Handbook - Johnny Liberty - A library of sovereignty information by Johnny Liberty

People's United Community – Freeman community started by John Harris

Squamish Nation - Sovereign Government of the Squamish Nation - Blog of one of the members of the Kanienke'haka Nation - Kingdom of Pentertoise - Library of Common Law and Free Energy Studies by Pat Kelly - Ron Harris' site - Roger Hayes - Home of Toronto's 9/11 Truth

Detax Canada - Eldon Warman's methods for filing CRA T1s and IRS 1040s for proper Return of Income - All about traveling lawfully, auto trusts and International Driving Permits - Gerry Davis' World Service Authority, issues passports citing the UDHR - Bringing a bunch of American Sources together - Blog of a Free Inhabitant in the USA. - Corey Eib's blog - A portal to enlightenment & freedom - Sovereign Nation of Forvik - John of Eternally Aware - Lawful rebellion in BC - Self-help Law - Mary Croft's site - Peter Hendrickson's Cracking the IRS - Marc Stevens - Blog Mike Gogulski's US Citizenship Renounciation

p5dk7kqkpxuodicd.onion - Facebook replica for the Sovereign variety - Alfred Adask - Lawful Rebellsion & Education - Private Mail - Exciting things in Detriot - Between Oregon & California - David Merrill's forum - The Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham of the Q'uran - Peaceful inhabitant of England - Soveriegn Society in Wales - Dedicated to Russel Means - Late leader of the Lakotah - Republic of the Lakotah Nation - Awakening rural America - Common Law Grand Jury - The Sovereign Moors of America - The Restored Republic of America - TJ Henderson's usA vs US - Peace officers opposing tyranny - Republic radio news - Roger Sayles' From Sovereign to Serf

Unincorporated city of Max, Nebraska - Robin Bellanger, Church of Ecumenical Redemption International - Church of the Universe - Arthur Christian  - Tiokasin Ghosthorse - Corporation Soles - Mark Passio - The Principality of Sealand - Glenn Roberts' journey to statelessness


How to Buy Lawful Money - Toronto-based prepaid gold mastercard - Torgny Persson - Buying Globals - Truledger Real Bills Market - Dubai - Sir Charles Vollum, Think in Gold - Endorsed by Casey Research, TDV and Sovereignman - Franklin Sanders - Egon von Greyerz - formerly James Turk, now owned by Bitgold - Bill Holter & Andy Hoffman - Nick Barischeff - London-based coin dealer


How to Find your own Lawful Money - Light-weight, highly efficient, modern highbankers


How to Get Free & Clear Land Titles - Pushing for property rights and importance of Land Patents - Robb Ryder - Robb Ryder - Ray's how to beat the banks - How to claim abaondoned property & bank owned property


How to Get Out of Debt - TJ Marrs


How to Protect Your Privacy - Secure communication solutions from our sister company - JJ Luna - Secure version of drop-box - Steve Michaels - Anonymous Search Engine - Open-source laptops - Linux OS for beginners - More secure than Ubuntu - Paul Rosenberg's VPN & online privacy solutions - Open-source anonymous we-browsing


Perpetual Traveler - Jeff Berwick - Simon Black - David MacGregor - Fitzroy Mclean - Grandpa - Travel the World on foot - Travel the world by bike with family - Driving for 200 000 miles over 10 years, across North, Central, and South America - All about visting and living in Mexico - Perpetual Sailing through the Caribbean - Andrew Henderson


History, Markets, Economy, & Human Action - Ludwig von Mises Institute, founded in 1972, Auburn, Alabama - LvMI Canada - LvMI Switzerland - European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation - Anthony Wile - Doug Casey - Noam Chomsky & University of Ottawa

www.Don't-Tread-On.Me - Chris Duane - LRC - Erc King's news - Tyler Durden's news - Gold Anti-Trust action Committee - Jim Sinclair - Richard Russell - Early Warning Report - Gold is Trade-able Wealth aka Money, not Credit - All that's new in finance & gold - Julian Phillips - Rob Kirby - Late Murray Pollitt - Koos Jansen - James Turk - Jim Willie's Hat-Trick Letter - John Rubino - Bob Moriarty - Keith Weiner - Antal Fekete - Foundation for Advancement of Monetary Education - Late Ferdinand Lips - Edmin Vieira, wrote Pieces of Eight - Peter Cooper - Reginald Howe & Bob Landis - Turd Ferguson - Dan Norcini - Dave in Denver - Harvey Organ - John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitman - Former Treasury Secretary


Holy Science, Philosophy, Epistemology, Spirituality - Proper keeping of time using the Mayan Calendar - Studies in Theology or Metaphors of Physics - Website of Santos Bonacci - Founded by Johan Oldenkamp - Gematria & Sacred Mathematics - Notebooks of Paul Brunton - Paul Brunton Philosphic Foundation - Archive of Ancient Scrolls - Philosophical Research Society - Manly P Hall Archive - Home of the International Standard Version of the Bible, a modern-day KJV


Grass-Roots Opportunities - Mark Wallace & Chris Tell


Free(er)-Markets - Gateway to markets such as the late Silk Road - Value exchange via Truledger & Loom - Online directory of food producers

Fat Moon CSA - Westford, MA - Software support for CSA - Directory of Local Food Producers in USA - Another directory of local producers - World-wide sources for cow-share programs & raw milk - Local classifieds - World's go to for classified ads - Canada's go to for classified ads - World-wide Local Room & Board - Grassroots taxi - Private taxi app - Private car rentals - Grass-roots contract work, virtual and in-person - Local tool libraries & makerspaces - Agri-business classifieds in Canada - Ranch related classfieds in USA - Directory of pellet suppliers - Business & job opportunities in Canada - USA Farm & ranch classifieds


Health is Wealth - Dr. Mercola - Mark Scisson - Sally Falon & Weston A. Price Foundation - Charlotte Gerson - Hippocrates 'Do No Harm' - Tim Ferris - Proper breathing through the nose - Colloidal Gold & Silver, American Supplier - Colloidal Gold & Silver, Canadian Supplier


Resilient/Off-grid Communities - Fellowship for Intentional Communities - Abandoned villages in Spain & Portugal - Dan & Sheila - American Redoubt - Mac Slavo - Directory of International Sustainable Communities - Off-grid property listings


Wise Building - Become a certified stone mason with this online course


Resilient Agriculture - Sea Salt/Mineral for Livestock and Fertilizer


High-Performance Ag - Diatomaceous Earth Supplier, Ontario  - Sir Albert Howard - Allan Savory - Temple Grandin livestock facilities - Grass-fed beef & low-stress livestock handling - Aquaponics - Turning swimming pools into food production - Dry climate agriculture


Micro/Free/Open-Source Energy - Micro-wind power

DYI Water Treatment - Grey water recycling - Today's Nicola Tesla - Non-profit open-source free-energy research centre - Aaron Murakami's forum - Peter Lindemann - By Peter Lindemann


High-Voltage Ignition - DYI Plasma Spark - Aaron Murakami

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