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The Real Way to Vote


By Aves Hawk


To those of us who haven't realized it yet, voting doesn't work. Going to vote is basically deciding which one of two evils is worse. By voting, you are technically giving your vote of approval to the government. If you understand that government only exists because it has a monopoly on force, then you understand that voting makes no difference. Elections have much more to do with corporate lobbies and special interest groups. These are the groups that get to decide how the tax revenue and newly created money get spent. Ever wonder how politicians, lobbysists, non-profit groups, etc can afford fancy cars, new offices, and six-figure salaries? The more support they raise the more money they get from their friends in Government. Talk about a waste of the average person's hard-earned money.


Here's a short bit by George Carlin about voting. Enjoy.




The real way to vote is with actions that matter. I mean actions related to money, not useless protesting. By continuing to store your savings in Government issued currency, you are saying that it is ok for the Government to inflate the money supply. If you only use fiat currency for immediate use, you are minimizing your exposure to inflation and saying that you don't approve of monetary inflation. Your savings should be stored in appreciating things like gold, silver, commodities or other real assets. When stocks, CDs, t-bills, bonds, etc are adjusted for inflation they have either been trading sideways over the last 10 years or have been decreasing in real value. One of my previous posts about gold and silver explains this. 


The Government is not a net producer, it merely takes wealth from one place and moves it to another. It creates revenue through three basic methods: taxation, inflation and regulation. Notice that all of these are redistributions of other people's money and forms of controlling the people. Currently, gold and silver are still taxed relatively little, they don't suffer from inflation and their trading is relatively unregulated by Government. By buying gold and silver you are giving your Government two thumbs down because you have decreased your contribution to their three methods of revenue generation. The funny thing is, Government has been trying desperately to keep the gold and silver price down, so that their fiat currency looks better than it really is. GATA has been gathering evidence for years about gold and silver price suppression. So by buying before the market corrects, you are not only protecting your savings from confiscation, you will likely make some profits as well.  


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