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Aves Hawk - Editor

In the digital world he likes to use the Hawk as a symobol of perspective. Hawk likes to take the bird's eye view and perceive events from afar. This allows for a broad view of short and long-term trends and instead of getting lost in the trees, he can see how the forest is changing as a whole. He went to University and stuck it out for four years, although it was a constant battle to stay motivated. Instead of twiddling his thumbs during his spare time, he spent time educating himself about economics, currect events, trends and started this website to help others do the same. The first step is educating yourself, and the second is using that knowledge for something useful. This involves acting and doing something to further your life. He always stresses the acting part in his posts, since some people need that extra kick-start before they decide to do anything. 

Sirius Contraire - Editor

Also known as Tate Fegley, Sirius takes a serious approach to life. He finds that much of the common prevailing wisdom is misplaced and a contrarian approach is advisable. His formal training is in law, economics, and philosophy and his interests include using all of these subjects to explain past, current, and future events. He became disillusioned with academia his very first semester at University because of professors whose main goal was indoctrination and classmates who were there just to party. It took him a long time to find kindred spirits who actually wanted to learn something useful rather than simply get their degree.  Those kindred spirits, both near and far, are his motivation in contributing to this website. His purpose is to offer and receive ideas and to synthesize those ideas into practical knowledge.

Disclaimer: You, and only you, are responsible for your actions.

Do your research well.


Copyleft: Feel free to redistribute as you please. Give credit where credit is due.

You can't own someone else's thoughts.




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