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What Did You Think Was Going on with the Secret Service?


What really surprises me is the general shock that many have over the discovering of U.S. Secret Service agents frequenting prostitutes in Columbia prior to the U.S. president's arrival.  First of all, I'm not entirely sure how this could be that surprising to anyone. If one is asked what groups are those most likely to frequent prostitutes, high on the list of responses would be, "Why, those in the armed forces, of course!" While the Secret Service might not be what people think of when they make that response, many in the Service are likely to have had military experience, as well as being in an occupation that would probably fit in the definition of an "armed force."

Scondly, why does the Secret Service hold such a revered reputation? One of the seemingly shocked is commentator Cal Thomas. He writes, "What about the honor and noble history of the Secret Service, created in 1865 to stop the spread of counterfeit currency, and the reputation of the nation [they] represent?" I would think that the main purpose of preventing counterfeit is to maintain the value and soundness of the currency, but with the Federal Reserve expanding the monetary base by trillions the activity of individual counterfeiters makes little difference. The Secret Service deserves little praise, if any at all, for that. And what of their other job, which is to protect POTUS from assassination, even if he happens to target other Americans for assassination? In reality, they seem to have little difference than bodyguards of a Mafia Don, except that those in the Mafia don't enjoy the facade of being legitimate.

Though I don't support the institution of prostitution (while also maintaining that such activities between consenting adults should nonetheless be legal), I am glad that it could be used for good in this case. That good is the fact that the Secret Service has egg on its face and will lose much of the undeserved respect that it has had in the minds of those who don't know any better.

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