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Why People MUST Own Gold


By Aves Hawk


This is one of the best interviews I have seen to date and it is very timely with my previous post. They really explain why the gold price in dollars, and the price in dollars of anything in general, is irrelevant to the current situation. It is the price of dollars in gold, and the price of currencies and real things IN GOLD, that is relevant. 

The amount of information and clarity is outstanding. Hyperinflation is the inevitable end of the current paper money system. They're not any more clear about an exact timeline. However, knowing that timing is difficult in such a situation, it is all the more important to diversify out of paper and into real assets today, instead of tomorrow. Of course, the best real asset that preserves your purchasing power, stores your value and acts as a safehaven during times of uncertainty, is gold. Which is why, during this period of great uncertainy, you MUST own gold.



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